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As a BRIDE of MOS, your journey starts with a free consultation with Ju who will help curate your needs. Her ideas and techniques of Bridal Makeover is unique and top notch and is adapted by many others.
Every girl’s dream is to look like a Princess on her Big Day and if you are reading this, you are on your way to make your dream come true.
A range of latest products and techniques are used in our Bridal Makeover sessions starting from Simple Look to creating a Sweatproof to High Definition Makeup and AirBrush Makeup. We customize our packages according to your needs and requirements and fulfil your dreamy look with a Head to Toe Bridal Styling.
We offer you a bundled package from Pre Bridal to your Wedding Make Over Including an exclusive range of Jewelry styling we got you all covered. We hand hold you for in every step of your Make Over Session.


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Meet Your Makeup Artist

‘Ju’ is the Co-Founder of Make Over Studio and Creative Head of Makeup & Nail Art. Internationally trained in UK, later in her years of experience, Ju went on to hone her skills with
renowned Makeup and Nail experts in USA, UK, Russia & Dubai . Ju is recognized for her talent and expertise across the industry. She is a true visionary who inspires and sets trends that other stylists follow. With her 10+ years of experience in the industry, she has not only trained at international
level, she is the Guru for many in the industry who bring the highest standards of professional experience. Ju is most sought after by the Celebrities in South India. Her clientele include popular Artiste from Kannada, Tamil and Telugu industry.

Beauty Packages

Indulge in a luxurious Pre Bridal Ritual to rejuvenate yourself for your Big Day

  • Glow & Radiance Facial

  • Face & Neck De Tan / Bleach

  • RICA Full Arms Waxing

  • RICA Full Legs Waxing

  • RICA Under Arms Waxing

  • Full Arms - De Tan / Bleach

  • Lower Front - De Tan / Bleach

  • Upper Back - De Tan / Bleach

  • Dead Sea Anti-Tan Spa Pedicure

  • Dead Sea Anti-Tan Spa Manicure

  • Hair Spa

  • Hair Make Over

  • Threading


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Offer 9999



We also offer

Jewels for rent

Curating uniqueness, defining your personality in every piece.

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Saree Pre Pleating

  • Pre-pleating a saree before wearing it can be an excellent time-saving technique, especially if you are new to wearing sarees or if you need to get dressed quickly.

  • Pre-pleating helps ensure that the pleats are neatly done and remain intact, simplifying the process of draping the saree.

  • Pre-pleating a saree simplifies the process of wearing it and ensures a polished look with uniform pleats.

  • It’s particularly useful for those special occasions when you want your saree to look its best with minimal effort during the actual draping.

Additional Tips:

Fabric Consideration: Softer fabrics like georgette or chiffon may need more pins to hold pleats in place, whereas stiffer fabrics like cotton or silk hold pleats more easily.

Handling: Handle the saree gently when it's pre-pleated to avoid displacing the pleats. Ensure that the pins used are sharp and do not snag the fabric.

Bridal Nails

Bridal nails are an essential part of a bride's ensemble, adding the perfect finishing touch to her wedding day look. Given the significance of the occasion, bridal nail art often involves elegant, sophisticated designs that complement the wedding theme, the bride's style, and her ring.

Beautifully crafted bridal nails not only enhance the beauty of your hands in close-up and ring ceremony shots but also adds a touch of personal style to your wedding day look.




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