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Long Lashes


Elevate your look with lashes that mesmerize and captivate, all within the comfort of our serene studio environment.

Caring for Your Lashes

Our expert lases technicians are passionate about Lashes and will provide you with exceptional service and stunning results.

At Makeover Studio, we're dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty, and our lash services are no exception. From extensions to lifts and tints, our skilled technicians specialize in crafting stunning lash enhancements tailored to your unique style and preferences. Elevate your look with lashes that mesmerize and captivate, all within the comfort of our serene studio environment. Discover the perfect complement to your beauty routine with Makeover Studio's lash services today.

Lash Extensions

Elevate your natural beauty with our lash extension services. Our skilled lash technicians specialize in creating stunning and long-lasting lash extensions tailored to enhance your unique eye shape and style preferences. From subtle enhancement to dramatic flair, we offer a variety of extension styles to suit every look and occasion.

Lash Lift and Tint

Achieve effortless glamour with our lash lift and tint services. Our expert technicians skillfully lift and tint your natural lashes, providing a semi-permanent curl and tint that lasts for weeks. Wake up to beautifully lifted and tinted lashes every day, with no need for mascara or lash curlers.

Lash Enhancement

Enhance your lashes with our lash enhancement services. Whether you desire fuller, longer, or more defined lashes, our skilled technicians use advanced techniques and high-quality products to create your desired look. From natural enhancement to bold statement lashes, we customize our services to suit your preferences.

Lash Maintenance

Keep your lashes looking their best with our lash maintenance services. Our technicians provide expert care and maintenance to ensure your lash extensions or enhancements remain in pristine condition. With regular touch-ups and maintenance appointments, you can enjoy beautiful lashes that last indefinitely.

Long Lashes
Why Choose Makeover Studio for Your Lashes Needs?

At Makeover Studio, we take pride in providing unparalleled lashes services within a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Here are compelling reasons to entrust us with your lashes requirements:


Our team comprises extensively trained professionals who remain abreast of the latest industry advancements and methodologies, guaranteeing you receive top-tier care.

Personalized Approach

Recognizing the individuality of each person's skin, we tailor our treatments to target your distinct concerns and objectives effectively.

High-Quality Products

We exclusively utilize premium-grade skin care products, ensuring your skin benefits from superior nourishment and protection.

Customer Satisfaction

Your contentment holds paramount importance to us. We are dedicated to surpassing your expectations through our attentive service and remarkable outcomes.


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